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A Turian OC FanArt

So, I don’t really know how I stumbled across AO3 and I’ve been unable to avoid it in a daily basis. Lots of good stuff to read.

I was reluctant to create an account, so I went undercover for some months. Until I couldn’t help myself, and decided it was for the best.

So, I managed to come across this story centered in the mass effect universe. A knight at the bar

My favorite chapter so far is 35, where we get to see a flashback about Brutis, one of the main characters in his youth. Could not get this image out of my head until i put it on paper.

Turian kids are hard, but its harder when they are not supposed to be limpy.

I sent a terrible picture to Hypno, and i was really happy she liked it. She wanted to show it to the world. So my better judgement told me the least I could do was color it. Writers put a lot of work into their writings, and i wanted it to be a proper gift for all the wonderful time i get when i`m reading her story. With this in mind i have a lot to catch up to.

Splashed colors here and there.

Details over here, these are 100% size

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