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In his wildest dreams

I admire people who can write, my whole love goes to those creatives that make stories to get lost. I would probably be in a foul mood if it wasn´t for those epic writing skills. I normally do not leave comments cause its very intimidating for me to do so. Imagine a simple mortal like me trying to make sense with words. It is a barrier that I need to pulldown (and hopefully will make myself do, there are lots of amazing stories and I can’t seem to tell their creators how awesome and what a great time it’s been reading them).

Now I can relate that as creatives we need feedback to improve, but it is so hard to sit down, focus and write a friggin good comment. Cannot imagine the whole ordeal to make a full written story. So, you writers are my inspiration.  

This one has been eluding me for so long, but I got to stop stalling, will probably update. I love what the fandom can achieve with this character. My favorite Sidonis: the one who’s in love with Garrus. And so heart broken and all that still saves him while condemning the rest of the squad. 

Love is a Wicked Creature by @lady-halibuts-convos .

And the runner up Sidonis is: The Spirit of Redemption best friend that betrays not voluntary.

OMG I wrote a lot for someone who claims not to be able to do it, but you should’ve seen how long it took me. Anyways tech stuff Wacom+photoshopuf and glory details.

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